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The nastiest trashiest version of a skank. Usually dwells around rivers and gas stations. Can be easily spotted by their c-section scars and under nourished babies.
The river skank that works at taco bell smells like burnt chicken and afterbirth

Dude, check out that River Skank's white snake t-shirt
by naw0806 August 29, 2009
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A river skank is a female hooker who is considered an absolute skank by the general population and usually hang around near rivers or any type of water. You can also find Sea Skanks and Swamp Skanks are the worst.

Generally a river skank is just referred to anyone who puts themselves up for prositution, they may not actually be bad looking, it depends on the context.
Chris you brought an absolute river skank to the villa last night.
by DubstepCraig August 14, 2016
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