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A nickname for the prettiest and sweetest girl you know. She's always there for you and you can tell her anything without being judged. She's the type of girl that every single guy wants but she's too hung up on Her ex that left her for another girl. He's clearly blind to have left rissiboo because she's perfect. She can make you laugh without trying. Her eyes are golder than 14k of gold. You get jealous of the kid that is just speaking or having a conversation with her because you want her to be all yours. Seeing her upset and sad, makes you upset and sad. You'll do anything to put a smile on her face. And she'll do the same for you. When you are with rissiboo there will never be a dull moment. The most random stuff will come up and she'll just go with it. She doesn't complain about much and she's probably the easiest girl to get along with. She's your bae whether she's legit bae or not. She's amazing.
by Gromjoog March 10, 2015
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