A Indian name meaning: A motherfucking piece of shit that only thinks about himself and sucks dick.
He is a gay faggot that is sad because he has a small dick. He is a dipshit to every one around him.
stop being a rishi you faggot.
by I AM RIGHT. May 21, 2016
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1. a baby with a huge afro;
2. a baby that wears the sexiest bow-tie ever known in the history of mankind and all other beings, entities, energies, creatures, plants, insects, etc.
Only Rishi can be a rishi.
by tmbzle January 28, 2012
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To steal tape. Other forms are Rishing or Rishied.
Student: Hey teach, can I have some tape.

Teacher: No, sorry, I gave it out to someone.

Student: Man, who Rishied the tape.
by French2 November 08, 2011
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A trash fortnite play who gets utterly destroyed with ease and gets carried in fortnite by a short little blonde kid
by Djwoamff February 13, 2018
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A godly being ascended into existence, composed of dark matter and supernova dust. Created into rishi. The rishis now reside within isolated mountain dwellings only coming into contact with humanity for mating and being worshiped. The Rishis are often very narcissistic and saractic, being jerks to all who he meets. They are also incredibly evil, killing whoever they feel unworthy of existence. Ever since the rise of the Rishi rise many governments have been toppled and eviscerated. Now the remnants of humanity are counting down the days till the rishis get bored and wipe out humanity and all primitve life on the dirtball we call home,
Is that what I think it is, oh shit its a rishi, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

what happened to jeff?

he died


The rishis said he wasn't worthy of consisting of atoms, so they turned him into a living hottub for their amusement

Hey what happened to Africa?

The rishis reinstated slavery and use blacks for menial labor, for fun they made the blacks blow up africa
by Swindleman swindleface May 17, 2017
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