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Loving, kind, down to earth and real. Someone who is trustworthy. Who falls In love to fast and to hard. Always commitment once they found the right one. Ride hard for the ones they love. Is a good person and puts others before their self.
No matter how life or people Rishanna she always be good towards people
by Rishanna February 12, 2019
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Loving and friendly can be rude at times. Rishanna's are real and straight up. Easily heartbroken and loves hard. Also loyal once she finds the right person. Once u got yourself a Rishanna she's a keeper.
Rishanna wasnt loyal when she was with Dario but when she found shem she feel in love and found herself being committed.

You is my friend but your hair doesnt look good today .
by Rishanna March 07, 2017
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