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Ripparachie has just recently came out the closet to all of his fans. He has decided to change his style of music and to make more positive music. He wants to be the voice of those scared to be themselves. He has the goal of changing the world and bringing peace to our generation. He has decided to help bring the LGBT community together to help fight for our rights.He is twenty years old. He has had a rough past, in and out of trouble. He has struggled to be his self for many years. Everyone that knew him always wanted to know why he was so depressed and so negative all the time. It was simply because he was afraid of coming out and losing the people he called friends and family. He has finally came to the true him and wants to be the voice of those out there scared. He wants to put a stop to bullying and the discrimination. He has only released two songs to his fans on the subject of being openly gay but he is currently working on a mixtape that will be called "Fag" (Free And Genuine). He has changed the gay bashing word, "FAG", into a more positive meaning. He started a clothing line called "Fly A** Guys/Girls". The reason why he chose that name is to stop the discrimination. He wants everyone to come together to help bring peace to this world. He has lost alot of his fans, friends, and family due to coming out. Would you help a cause that will leave a major impact on the communities?
Ripparachie has too much swag to be labeled as gay.
by SarahAnn2012 March 20, 2012
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