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welcome to ripon. population: nobody and everybody. here, you walk everywhere and the "it" place is pizza pluss. you can not say a word and everyone would still know your whole life. your a guy? either your a jock, a partier, a combination of the two, or just not important. Orr a cop, and therefore, still not important. your a girl? your most likely stuck up, non caring, and bitchy, but deep down you really do have your problems. your gonna be the sporty one, the pretty one, the smart one, the chill one, the sluty one, and the one who was hella drunk at that orchard party last weeknd all at some point. choose friends wiseely, nuff said. heres the deal, if you dont like your bf/gfs exes, you hate half the town. youve tried weed at least once, and maybe popped a pill or two. your weekends may start on "thirsty thursday" and consist of beer pong and garage parties. you stress over the high standards of your highschool and have talked to multiple police. its all about the clothes, and the music, your dictionary and "hobbies," and social standing. sports and photography may define you. see, at the end of the day, were all pretty damn similar, and most of all, we all just wanna leave.
Ripon, CA is a small town.
by klovie December 03, 2011
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