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after drinking a bottle of Rip Tide (tastes like carbonated Propel), when you become seriously hyper and crazy. Happens in three stages:

pre-effect: when you first start drinking the Rip Tide, and you get this weird giddy feeling.

effect: not long after you finish the bottle,all the sudden you get really hyper. This stage includes inappropiate jokes, lots of giggling, random bursts of dancing, and other assorted silliness. May last anywhere between 10 minutes and two hours.

post-effect: depending on you, this could be one of two things. either, you just go back to normal, or you expeirence total system shut-down. During total-system shut-down, you'll feel groggy and have trouble concentrating on anything in particular. WARNING!!! It is possible to fall asleep during this stage!

Often happens to middle school students during their lunch period.
After lunch, everyone agreed that the Rip Tide Effect definitley made for good entertainment.
by Bring_back_Rip_Tide! January 28, 2008
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