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a guy who plays too many musical instruments for his own good, including saxaphone,writes poems, eats people and says rawr an awful lot, enjoys pretty cool pooches&cookies. Plus when your sad he tells you he will buy oreos. he won't but you know its the thought that counts. pretty cool child!
"hey rillon, eat anyone latley?"
"rillon plays saxophone!"
"that's a pretty cool pooch!"
"rawr, i will eat you!"
by mhmmmm? March 22, 2009
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one who enhoys taking snad from sandboxes, transporting it to a car then putting it in his/her home to then eat or dispose of the sand: see rilling
thats a rillon right there! he's getting away! my saaannndddd!
by bLiNg bLiNg sWeeT sTuFF April 24, 2003
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