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A Tennis team in the Manga 'Prince Of Tennis' The manga is about tennis The regulars of the team are:

- Yukimura Seiichi (Captain and know as Child of God for being number 1 in Junior Tennis)

- Sanada Genichiro (Vice Captain and know as Emperor for Awesome tennis moves)

- Yanagi Renji (Known as Data Master for collecting opponents Data)

- Marui Bunta ( Known as Genesis like move such as 'tight rope walking)

- Niou Masaharu (Known as Trickster because of his Illusion technique)

-Yagyuu Hiroshi (Known as Gentleman for his Personality)

-Kuwahara Jackal (Known as Iron Wall of Defense for his defensive skills)
In the Prince Of Tennis Fandom. They are paired up with OCs, other characters or by themselves. Rikkaidai is a team to be feared.
by IceCreamy January 04, 2010
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