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‘Rikfury’ is the uncontrollable, mystical and often violent wrath of South African rugby legend Heindrik Mugabe.

The source of the mystical force remains unknown but popular belief places it with the angry spirit of Heindrik’s dead dog Jock. Legend states that Jock visits Heindrik in his sleep bringing him a powerful steroid infused form of Heindrick’s favourite savoury snack – Biltong which fuels the Rikfury.

‘Rikfury’ often manifests itself in the form of disapproving text messages or voicemails left on mobile communication devices.

Rikfury can often be appeased by an offering of steak or biltong
Geoff: ‘Did you hear that Sanjay is selling his Xbox without Heindrik’s blessing?’
Tarquin: ‘My gosh Geoff! This disrespectful action will invoke a spectacular bout of Rikfury!’
by Attila The Dan November 10, 2009
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