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Rikatwit Quay is mad funny and is a DUMB but this dude is stupid as well. Most likely he has gone through a trauma such as having a cat die. He probably has a younger sister that he will rape one day from no love in his life. This man is probably in a grade spectrum of 6-8 grade. He is most likely half bald and has never been to a party. He is also most likely male. Rikatwit Quay is overall a 6th grade boy who has had a cat die, has younger sister he will rape, half bald, lightskin, brown eyes, skinny, and arabic. RIKATWIT QUAY!!!!
Rikatwit Quay is stupid and dumb.

Rikatwit Quay is a goat.
by LULUBRANDY September 26, 2019
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