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In its most simple definition is someone who thinks that someone always has to be superior to another. This is part of Religion, Politics, Economics and Culture.

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with rights, religion, change or government involvment.

They believe that they are superior to some and inferior to others. Those inferior to them need to be treated like slaves, and dont deserve to be treated with dignity. Those superior to them are to be obeyed, no matter what, and deserve to take from you just to be better off.

They can dish out insults, but get all mad if someone disagrees with them. They hang out on Yahoo Answers.
Right wing philosophy

The Fundie and the Navajo.
Navajo medicine man and their tribes doing the medicine dance only to be interrupted by some Fundie missionary.
Fundie: "This whole whoopeing and screyeming is nothing but deyemon worship sending you all to heyel."

Navajo Chief: "You lack much wisdom from the great spirit. Please pray that the great spirit opens your mind."
Fundie: If you wanna hayate Gawd thayats fine, but the biabel sayed the werold would hayet us.

The conservative and the liberal.
Liberal: We need to fix our economy, and not let greedy CEO's go about treating us like slaves.
Conservative: NO! we have big problems, gays are in relationships and it grosses me out.

Liberal: No one is making you go to gay bars, but we have to put up with greedy corporations.

Conservative: Anti-American hippie.

The girl in the woods
Some girls are hiking, and one needs to pee, and she goes on a tree. Some proper SOB comes and makes a deal.

proper SOB: Oh (girl) act like a lady and pee in a toilet.
Girl: The bathrooms are miles away. No one is making you look, you stupid bitch!
proper SOB: You watch the mouth, and dont talk to me like that cause you just urinate wherever.

The Greedy CEO's and the working man
CEO: I have some news, we're moving your jobs to Wyoming. Tell your families to pack up.

Workers: My whole family is here.
CEO: Its cheaper in Wyoming. How am I supposed to go on my 5 vacations all over the world.
by ronald7895 May 01, 2010
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