The Right Wing Death Squad can be seen as one of the extreme variants that lead to the birth of "The Honkening" in recent times, theses are beliefs that the world they are living has went crazy to the point of a need to hard-restart civilization, embodied by the Right Wing Death Squad: an elite force of convinced militia personel equiped with gear meant to strike fear into their targets while making the wearer an unstoppable armed force with an adament resolve to get rid off of what they think caused their society to the brink of collapse.
One example could be the recent New Zealand shooting (if we spare the details) with its mechanical way of acting and lack of empathy, treating the targets with extreme prejudice and still thinking he has done the right thing.
"It is time to eradicate what has been a curse to modern society: jews. niggers. kebab. brits."
-some right wing death squad enthousiast
by someordinarygamers April 29, 2019
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Cosplay enabling alt-right shut-ins to feel more comfortable in public.
Steve started putting Right Wing Death Squad stickers on all of his costumes after nobody cared who he was when he put on a mask.
by Ilhenny February 22, 2019
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Something that is deployed to the nearest synagogue.
- Hey, did you Jacob guy? Apprently, he was jewish!
- That explains he was such an asshole about everything, damn it, I wish I caught it earlier! Let's call the right wing death squad.
by Redic Officer July 7, 2022
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