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When someone takes the bowl-head of a bong or bowl/stem of a pipe and forces an entire piece of cigarette or unreasonable amount of tobacco into such, to make it difficult to smoke. The result is that the smoker gets a rush of tobacco smoke that they are not expecting. It usually ends in a lot of coughing and discomfort in those who smoke batch and often extreme discomfort, dizziness as well as vomiting in those who do not. This is almost exclusively done by those considered batch nazis.
1:"augh! that bowl I just smoked tasted like pure batch but I hardly put any in!"

2:"It must have been rigged"

"Man the last time Jesse smoked a rigged-bowl he went all white and yaked everywhere. he only smokes pure chron I don't know why the batch nazi did it to him."
by DonBombastus February 05, 2010
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