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Rieon (Ree-on)
Extra but has nice hair which he chooses to cover with a hat. Generally a 7.5827/10. Thinks Take Care is a better album than If You're Reading This It's Too Late. Says Some songs are better sped up. Gets triggered easily.

Looks like an almond. Blinks aggressively and has chickenpox at the back of his neck. Wears a MLB hat but doesn't play baseball and a north face jacket. Wears black jeans everyday as well as jeans under jeans. Always has headphones in and doesn't have an iPhone. His head doesn't fill his hat and he has massive red ears even at room temperature. Wears black Jordan 1's. Ties his hoodie string into a bow.

Scared of asthma though he has fat asian friends that have asthma. Fluent in French and Chinkese (not Chinese; Chinkese). Has a friend named mecks (who's less cool and that says a lot.)
Jeez, look at his ears! He must be a Rieon!
Bro, he's wearing Rieon's. Do they even sell jeans under jeans anymore?
Dude, I just fucked your bitch! Stop being so Rieoned.
Hey, you're scared of asthma? You're such a Rieon!
by BadGalRirRi June 08, 2018
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