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A Rieley is the closest thing to perfect you'll find. He'll come into your life to change it for the better, and always knows just how to do it. He has an all around great personality. If you get the chance to date a Rieley, hold on tight and don't EVER let go! He'll be your "Knight in Shining Amor" only if you'll be his Princess. He'll make you feel beautiful at any second of the day. A Rieley is a blessing and you'll know it the second you meet one. Typically VERY good looking, tan skin, dark hair, green eyes, and a smile that could light up a life! He loves without a second thought, and once he falls, he falls hard. Very athletic, and a nice body. He could make you smile at any given moment with his bubbly personality and he always seems to rub off on everyone he's around. There's always a surprise with a Rieley, a side no one knows about that might just be even better than the side everyone does know about! There's no way you can completely describe a Rieley, each one is different in their own way but he's a keeper. ;)
Girl 1: "Oh my goodness, she's dating Rieley?! Whatta lucky girl.. I wish I had my very own Rieley."
Girl 2: "Yeah, a Rieley is hard to find, good luck with that."
by sLeepiNGbEauTy00001 January 29, 2012
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