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A very homoerotic movie starring Ben Murphy made in 1976. It involves a man who can make himself invisible with the use of his super awesome wristwatch, a girl who protects a deadly chemical in the back of a truck, a man in a helicopter who follows them, dirty talk on CB radios, NASCAR, and a woman known as Cupcake. You know you want to see it. Featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000!
"You have any idea who those turkeys were?"

"Riding With Death made me more comfortable about my sexuality."

"Mike: My well-oiled chassie is coming up on your backside, now.
Servo: My rigid grill structure is bearing down on your unprotected cargo door.
Crow: My off-complimented peterbilt is rhythmically nudgin' that sweet honey pot of yours....
Mike and Servo: CROW!!!!!"
by Lazy Rider August 04, 2008
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