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One of the nicest, most talented, helpful, encouraging, creative, unique, special, and amazing collagers on the Pic Collage app. She made countless friends, over one thousand-seven hundred followers, and was one of the most awesome people. We will miss her and truly don't want her to leave.
Ever since I began on Pic Collage I have looked up to RiddikulusFangirl and she has always inspired me to get better. Before she leaves I just want her to know how much of an impact she's had on me, my account, and others on Pic Collage. She was truly an appreciated role model to the PC world and fandom universe! She was one of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. She helped us get through tough times with her kindness and love for others and helped people get better in their work. We thank her so much for what she's done for us. We all hope she stays on Pic Collage and we hope to see her soon.
by WandStoneAndCloak May 21, 2017
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