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A Ricky Rescue is similar to a "Wacker." It is a person who works in EMS (EMT, Firefighter, Paramedic) and gets waaaaay too excited for every single little call. On weak ass calls such as bullshit anxiety they are in there with oxygen and trauma sheers in hand. These people usually have the stickers on their truck, carry scanners and listen to them on and off duty, always wear those annoying shirts, and cannot run an assesment to save their life.
Season Vet: Dude have you ever ran with (Insert Name) that guy is such a fucking Ricky Rescue. He has his boots shined to a tee, wears his sheers on his pants, and wants to run calls all day. (Insert Name) should be shot in the stomach, god i wish that guy would die in a car fire.
by MoSlicka August 05, 2007
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