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The 'Ricky Ponting Bum Tap', aka the ‘RPBT’ is the only known male heterosexual contact with the arse of another heterosexual male currently in existence - introduced by world class cricketer Ricky Ponting himself. The RPBT consists of between 1 and 3 taps or smacking actions to the posterior of one’s counterpart and/or compatriot (of the same sex). This contact rule MUST be strictly adhered to, as any more than 3 taps to the rectal area of another male may cause questions to arise about the sexuality of the tapper carrying out the act.
Papabear - “What a fantastic shot Casper at the game of billiards we are currently playing! Let us celebrate your most impossible shot by employing the act of the ‘Ricky Ponting Bum Tap’, also known as the RPBT, so as to emphasise our masculinity, heterosexuality, and alphaness.”
by Papabear of Brisneyland October 15, 2010
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