Richard Dawson, Noun:
1.) Host of Family Feud from 1976-1985, he was famous for groping the contestants, cracking witty and sometimes corny jokes, groping the contestants, sleeping with the contestants, kissing the contestants, and sometimes travelling through time. Was incredibly popular and remembered to this day.

2.) Killed Ray Combs.

3.) Appeared on Match Game from 1973-1978. All female contestants wanted to have sex with him

4.) Was "Newkirk" on "Hogan's Heroes" from 1965-71 and from 1971-73 was a regular on "Laugh-In"

Richard Dawson, Verb:
To kiss anyone, have sex with them or be charming.
1.) "Survey Says!"
2.) "I'm totally gonna Richard Dawson this chick"
by Chuck Doogin April 24, 2007
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When someone is so intoxicated, rather than introducing oneself to the opposite sex with a hug or handshake, they greet them with an inappropriate kiss on the mouth. This was done for years by creepy Family Feud Host Richard Dawson.
Guy 1: Kevin just kissed all three of those girls at the bar on the lips, and he has never even met them.

Guy 2: Yeah bro, He is Richard Dawson Drunk.
by K-DOG June 25, 2014
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