1. A Hit T.V. show series that showed in the early 1960's and proceded through the early 1970's. Which was about a bunch of Allied prisoners in a P.O.W. camp(led by Col. Hogan)in Germany During WWII which caused mass DESTRUCTION to the Nazi war Effort By tricking the Luftwaffe and Gestapo in numerous ways with out ever getting caught. Hogan's Heroes, definitely brought out the TRUE meaning of WWII.

2. Col. Hogan- one of the most extraordinary Colonels (An extreamly Smart person) or possessing super smart quick mental thinking under great pressure.
-without Hogan's Heroes, Hitler would've positively won WWII with out a doubt in anyone's mind.

-Maybe I can't beat him physically, but im definitely gonna pull a Col. Hogan on his ass.
by Kevin Ajemian April 5, 2006