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The place where our mascot is a penis and the only clique we never see is the IB kids, except when they're running for election. Where our principal Demon Monteleone, loves to hear himself talk, but cannot pronounce the word "harassment". Despite renovations in 2007, the school looks very much like a prison. Where people hate it so much that they take a shit down Main Street. BEWARE, our former head of security is known for fucking a student. Most of the teachers and substitutes are not qualified to do their jobs More than once, a history major has covered an English class and spent the whole period talking about something unrelated. With the addition of portables half of the parking lot was covered, leaving the 2400 student body with only 80 parking spaces. Plus, in the basement, theres a cockroach infestation. Not to mention the counselors who are fairly incapable at doing their jobs productively. Have fun coming here, because you know that the students won't.
John: (WJHS student) Bro, i heard Richard Montgomery HS was totally dope!
Jack: (WCHS student)Yeah, man. I heard that IT'S SO RAD!
Jerry (RMHS student) Woah boys, you heard wrong, RM is a total hellhole
by Hoes in the stacks May 29, 2018
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Richard Montgomery High School consistently ranks as one of the best high schools in the nation. Extremely diverse with preps, nerds, jocks, emos, faggots, blacks, whites, asians, latinos, and sri lankans, everyone is bound to find their own niche.
MYP kid: "Richard Montgomery HS Class of 08 baby!"
IB kid: "I am a nerd"
MYP kid: " ? "
by deia September 24, 2007
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