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According to an afro donning supreme guitar master, is better than YOUR favorite guitarist.

Special moves: Pentatonic and blues solos. Never plays solos that he recorded on CD. Never had lessons.

Never plays: Chromatics
Joe: Dude, Paul Gilbert is an amazing guitar player!

Stacy: rich ward is on a higher level than any guitarist. paul gilbert sticks too 2 finger chromatics. do you even play guitar? rich ward isnt sloppy when he plays live he always changed solos around it proves he is a guitar god, he doesnt need to stick too a solo he's written 20 years ago he can make one up on a fly in a song, not to mention rich always talks about not being note perfect is what makes a concert a concert nobody wants to go to a show to see exact same shit they heard on record.
by RAInsydCERjokkeX January 16, 2009
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