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-The equivalent to "going out in a blaze of glory".

-The feat of accomplishing something thought impossible and the willingness to die doing it.
-A battle cry in the face of adversity and the naysayers.

On August 10th, 2018, "Rich" Russell stole a Bombardier 400 airplane belonging to Alaskan Airlines.
The event made national headlines, as multiple videos taken by onlookers on the ground and the recordings of his dialog with air traffic controllers were posted online.
His joking nature and friendly laid back attitude struck a chord with millions, as he was clear about going out on his own accord.
With two F-15 fighter jets on his tail, Rich decided that he was ready to end his flight, but first he was going to attempt a barrel an airliner.


After successfully completing the stunt, he allegedly intentionally crashed the plane into a small nearby island causing no deaths but his own.
"Everyone thought I would never make it, but I Rich Rolled right through it."
by MattPrice August 11, 2018
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