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Refers to a person of East and Southeast Asian (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc...) and Pacific Islander (Philippines) decent.

After millenia of cultivating and eating rice, many of the Asian nations have perfected farming and cooking techniques of their staple crop. The pervasive nature of rice in these cultures has lead to it being a ubiquitous (and often derogatory: "Ricer," "Rice Eater," Rise Boy") identifier of these cultures for people of non-Asian decent.

"Rice Wizard" carries a positive connotation compared to many of the terms that include "rice." Rice Wizards choose to acknowledge this cultural trait, and embrace it. Rice in these cultures is not just part of everyday life as food, but is required for many customs and celebrations. Rice Wizards are proud of their Asian heritage and live their lives knowing they have roots in some of the oldest cultures in the world.

And no, Rice Wizards cannot throw fireballs (even though that would be rad as fuck).
- Hey, Tan. What are you: Korean, Chinese, Filipino?

- I'm half-White/half-Filipino, but I'm 100% Rice Wizard.
by perkdet March 22, 2011
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