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ho-bag of an AP English teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School who assigns too much work, doesn't actually read any of it, and decides it is easier for her to write PLOT on the paper than actually take the time to make legitimate corrections. This could be a direct consequence of her complete INABILITY TO WRITE EFFECTIVELY IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! Her one talent is the uncanny ability to completely discourage any student, however talented, from enjoying or pursuing English-related subjects. See the entry on Mary Shelley for further details.
"Why the fuck does Mrs. Ricciardi have to be my English teacher?"

"I dunno man. You probably raped a nun in a past life."
by Love, 6th period November 23, 2004
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verb: to completely misunderstand something and force your view upon others; to mess up very badly
"What did you think of Frankenstein?"
"Well, I thought I understood the book. But, based upon my Ricciardi-ing of test, I really Ricciardi-ed the theme. I'm sorry for adamantly preaching it to you."
by Disgrunteled Student February 22, 2007
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