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A PreK-12th grade private school in Los Angeles. AKA

"foreign fantasy."
About 50 percent of the kids in high school that go there are from out of the country.ex. china,germany,brazil,etc.
A few are average or below look wise..but majority of the foreign exchanges are ridicuously attractive.
Especially the asian and brazilian girls.
Everyone has money but noone really looks down on anyone suprisingly.
Known for its academics,not so much sports.
Chill school in general.
Joe-Hey what school do you go to?
Mark-Ribet Academy

Joe-Ahhh shit man hook me up with some sweet foreign pussy!
by dudewheresmybitch1 December 07, 2010
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Hey man, I wouldn’t go to Ribet Academy, Freddy is choking his chicken
by RibetAcademyLover March 18, 2019
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