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Rhythm Of Fear was formed in late 2006 in Jacksonville, Florida as Nasty Crew. After a few member changes the band decided to change the name in late 2009. ROF featured current and ex members of Kids Like Us, Talk Sick Earth, Infected, Set Apart, Ill-Tolerance, Social Disease, Glory Days, One With The Sun, Boys No Good, Living Proof, Septic Warfare, and more! The band is currently still active and shows no signs of slowing down. Rhythm Of Fear have shared the stage with Merauder, Agnostic Front, D.R.I, Exodus, Murphy's Law, Dying Fetus, Madball, Sworn Enemy, Fortitude, Terror and many others!

check em out :
Rhythm Of Fear is the best band you'll ever hear. Period.
by SPIDER-BSOV May 21, 2010
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