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Rhobo is a rare and beautiful name, so the outcome of meeting one is good luck for 740 years. Just get her to fall in love with you and you are the luckiest bastard to walk the earth
This is the type of girl that once she’s in your heart she’ll stay there for ever; She fascinates you by her stunning looks and great personality, her voice creates a sense of happiness, every time you hear that voice it leaves you speechless and most of all so so happy. You’ll find yourself on your toes with this girl, she’s full of excitement and surprise,This girl is hard to come by, if you’ve got this girl you’re the luckiest guy in the world, as she’s truly perfect. Once in love with her consider yourself locked, her superlative qualities and personality will put you off all other girls for life,She is very beautifull, sexy, aggrssive, and a whole lot of fun.Can be sweet but never get on her badside it is a dark and scary place.Intelligent. Elegant. Gorgeous. Funny. She has a beautiful laugh that will keep you awake at night. a precious personality. a face that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. A mellifluous voice.Strong. Kind. Loving. Independent. Faithful. Down right sexy.Her attention can be hard to get but if you get her to fall in love with you, please don't be stupid and let her get away
she is a beautiful, big eyed female with alot of kindness, she s outstanding and knows how to make me feel better. i love her soo much nd she means alot to me. Dharmy
Rhobo is the best ever
by damilola samue March 14, 2015
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