A person who has lived on a first nation reservation for their whole or most of their life.
quit acting like a rez kid and get out of the mud!
by Monass October 21, 2021
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Usually a child ages from 0-40 that lives on the reservation and has an rezzy accent. Walks into anyone's house like they live there, especially when it's dinner time. Knows how to swear like a sailor. Walks around the proj with a stick to scare off the rez dogs. Calls everyone Aunty Uncle or Cuz.
Howah! Look at that Rez Kid Jimmy Bear over there. Those rez dogs are really giving him hell. (Yells) "hote ryst behave!"
by StandsWithBear October 6, 2022
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Any child currently running around the Rez (does not have to be Native). Typically has a pair of untied Jordans on combined with a pair of Jordan Shorts and Jordan Tee. Calls everyone Aunty, Uncle, Gram, Gramps, or Cousin. Feeds all of their friends at their house resulting in quadrupling the family food bill. But no one complains. Knows how to shoot a gun and hunt before the age of seven. Picks berries so Gram can make a pie every summer since they learned how to walk. And they always have the best hookup for fireworks.
man I just love those Rez kids, always outside having fun. I wish more kids got outside like those Rez Kids.
by KwinaultNation November 30, 2019
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Someone who is in residence at a university or college. Lies about the amount of alcohol drank last night than actually consumed, drinks 2-3 times per week, uses many different slang's for school content specific to the floor or building where they live, main objective is to obtain 1 or more sexual partners.
Andrew on third floor is such a rez kid
I never want to be a rez kid
by TheOneTheObjectiveTheMan November 21, 2012
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