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Usually born and raised on an Indian Reservation, rez kids are little brown humans who run around the rez with no shoes on, smashing beer bottles.

They usually come to life at night time riding their beat up bikes up and down the rez, shooting rocks at people and purposely kicking rez dogs
"those darn rez kids man, always stealing grapes and candies from the store"
by rezkidwithadream September 24, 2017
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Someone who is in residence at a university or college. Lies about the amount of alcohol drank last night than actually consumed, drinks 2-3 times per week, uses many different slang's for school content specific to the floor or building where they live, main objective is to obtain 1 or more sexual partners.
Andrew on third floor is such a rez kid
I never want to be a rez kid
by TheOneTheObjectiveTheMan November 21, 2012
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