• intelligent and cunning. More cunning than intelligent, but intelligent nonetheless.
•can trust you in the snap of a finger, but you can lose that same trust in the snap of a finger as well

• when you first meet them they're either quite or loud. Seldom are they in the middle for very long.

•An ambivert that leans more towards and introvert.
• slightly geeky, but likes to stay active (i.e: gym, swimming, hiking, sports...).
• loyal and trustworthy
• honest
• suspicious of others and their motives. They just pick up on vibes.
• very observant of others and their surroundings.
•They can pick up on your facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.
• usually of shorter stature, but thin with that watumbo.

• "nice butts"
• can attract the opposite with ease. Though this isn't always a good thing if the feeling isn't mutual.
health conscious.
• usually have a slightly dominant personality, but secretly like to be controlled.
• secretly likes to be good at everything. This is probably because of their perfectionist nature.
• judgemental as f*ck, but once they get to know you they'll soften up and love everything about you. So, don't take everything seriously with them. They're really softies on the inside.
• cold exterior, but they do have emotions under that stone heart. They'll show their emotions to you if they like you. It's just not the first thing that comes natural to them.
• complex.
" Dang that dude is weird".
" His name is Reymundo".
by ObsidionCelestial February 22, 2018
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Pretty much the baddest name ever. God among men. Translates to "king world" in Latin. The only name better is Rey Rey, because it is Rey x 2. Also known as the dream crusher.
by ReyLo December 26, 2013
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21-4 is has record he's the baddest man alive. Hands like steel and razor sharp reflexes he's an apex predator who's hungry every second of every day...
Reymundo Najera is a fucking God!
by Reymundo Najera January 24, 2021
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