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Down in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho is a college campus filled with many spiritual, strong, and wanna be athletic people. As they pursue their studies at Brigham Young University Idaho, many of them are continuing their education after having spent 2 years or a part of that time on a full time mission for the church. Having a dry spell of women for 2 years is kind of a long time for most men. I don't know of many men who go that long without women.....most men would have a heart attack an die. So where does the term Rexburg Rump Hump come from?.....well.....the students at the school have opportunities to attend the off campus parties where there is a lot of bumpin&grindin, NCMO's and slutty dressed girls to attract the guys who haven't gotten it in for life!! So you know the rest from here. Guys walk up to a girl an ask if they wanna dance and off they go. They start gettin their grind on, doin their thing, an then the next level of grindin gets turned on, the Rexburg Rump Hump. This is the next level where it looks like they are just doin a lil B&G, but in actuality they are humpin harder than a pair of bunnies. This is basically having sex through your jeans/partially clothed areas because your in a public place where there are others with the same standards as you. So if you want to get to a place where you can make love to your rump hump partner, go to the gardens or a car since those seem to be the most frequent places people go.
Guy: Hey you wanna dance?
Girl: Ya sure
(She turns around an starts dancing up on you)
Guy: So what's your name?
Girl: (her name)
(Small talk until your favorite party song comes on, an it may be a really dirty song u can make love to on the dance floor)
After you have been goin hard at bumpin&grindin, gettin all of her rump up on your junk, you take your your partner to the next level and make love on the dance floor.
The two of you have now officially found your Rexburg Rump Hump partner.
by Big Bear 9110 January 23, 2012
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