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The result of mating an elephant with revision notes. The resulting offspring (although infertile) closely resembles a normal elephant with a number of key exceptions. The facial features are basic, resemble punctuation marks and ensue hilarity upon sight, often resulting in extreme cases of rofling, bordering on medically dangerous. Revisiphants also have the useful ability of splooging great sticky amounts of knowledge from their trunks that adhere to nearby humans, resulting in an 800% temporary increase in IQ.

The Revisiphant can often be identified by its distinct 'Rawr'. They should not be approached in the wild, due to the high risk of being lethally seduced by their tantalising eyebrow movements.
Dude, last night a Revisiphant totally splooged all over me. I finished my thesis in 15 minutes and won a nobel prize for the groundbreaking work contained within it.
by El Flumpo II April 09, 2010
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