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Since a hipster likes everything before it becomes popular, a reverse-hipster likes things after they are already popular and run into the ground.

i.e. a hipster that is late for things.
Friend 1: You should read the Hunger Games!
Friend 2: I'll read them after everyone is done with them. I don't feel like jumping aboard this train right now- they're all finished reading already so I won't be able to catch up.
Friend 1: You're like a reverse-hipster....
by Bridgette Loaf February 14, 2012
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The exact opposite of a hipster.

(Not to be confused with an anti-hipster)

While a hipster tries really hard to be different to create their own identity (just like every other hipster, creating a paradox of sorts) and set trends, a reverse hipster will try really hard to act like everyone else to fit in and be popular (even if they don't agree with the thing they are liking), and overcompensates by despising anybody who disagrees with the group.

Generally caused by viral videos or memes on youtube like nyan cat, vloggers (like raywilliamjohnson) and games like roblox and the more recent Call of Duty titles and musicians like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black and any other popular topic on the internet.

A reverse hipster can either like or hate a topic, but it's always based on what a large group of people thinks, and always takes it too far.
Example 1:

Person A: Hey, did you hear Justin Bieber's new album? I liked it.

Reverse Hipster: Fuck no! Everybody hates him and you suck for liking him retard!

Example 2:

Person A: Hey, should I buy the new Call of Duty game that came out yesterday?

Reverse Hipster: How the fuck could you ask that? C.O.D. (pronounced "cod" like the fish) is the best fucking game ever! I play it every day for 12 hours! It's waaaaay better than (insert other popular first person shooter video game here) which sucks ass! Just like the people who play it!
by Manly-Chicken September 02, 2011
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A "reverse-hipster" refers to disliking something just because too many hipsters like it.
"Man that monocle looks stupid"
"Dude, that monocle looks sick! You're just pulling a Reverse Hipster"

"I don't really care for Radiohead"
"They're actually really good. Quit being a Reverse Hipster"
by shermanklump August 21, 2016
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