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(verb)- a photo taken without the knowledge and awareness of the person in the foreground, but known and planned by the person in the background and the photo taker. Basically the reverse of a traditional photobomb, where someone unsuspectingly jumps into the background of a people-posed photo.
Lark: Hey Jan, let's reverse photobomb Craig!
Jan: I'll run up behind Craig and pose. If he see's me, he'll have no idea what I'm doing.
Lark: This is going to be a great RPB pic! Let's RPB Gike Mallego next!
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When you see something so weird or amusing you have to bomb your own photo to get the goods. The opposite of a photobomb, where someone jumps in at the last second to be in it.
snapping that photo of the elephants boning behind you. No one wants to admit they were looking, but now you have photographic proof! reverse photobomb!
by tfghost November 05, 2009
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Grabbing someone who is meant to be the centre of attention in a photograph out of the shot at the last second, meaning the photograph is minus a person that is meant to be snapped, as opposed to 'photobombing', where someone not meant to be in a picture gets themselves into it.

The grabbing out is preferably done with a hooked walking cane, in true cartoon fashion.
Chuck: "Dude, Carl is so up his own ass, go and reverse photobomb him out of that shot with all those dames."

Barry: "Let me grab my cane..."
by Rick Felatio June 19, 2013
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The act of taking a front facing photo (aka... a selfie) of yourself making any sort of photo bomb face with someone completely oblivious in the background.
I totally just reverse photo bombed that family on vacation! They didn't even see me take that awful selfie with them in the background!
by jurrrrrbs April 16, 2014
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The perfect inverse of the traditional photo bomb in which the bomber is making a face in response to something or someone in the frame. The difference is that in the Reverse Photo Bomb, the bomber takes the traditional position of the intended target of the photo bomb (usually in the foreground of the photo).

What makes the Reverse Photo Bomb so difficult is that it requires even more precise timing than just diving in the background of someone else's picture. In the RPB, a stranger is in the background of the photo, effectively "bombing" the unaware bomber. It is essential that the stranger remains completely unaware of the events.

The Reverse Photo Bomb awards a promotion to the person taking the photo, and deducts a maximum of five points off the bomber, who is the ultimate victim of the process.
Holy shit, did you check out Erin's facebook? She just posted a photo of her holding a "Giant Cock" wine bottle at Wal-Mart, and there's this fat chick in the background bending over the salami counter wearing a short skirt.

Fucking Reverse Photo Bomb! Mark it down, Erin loses 5 points and Jess gets the badge "Reverse Photo Bomb Run". Nice! Who's in the lead now?
by Bear von Erck September 24, 2011
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