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A reverse gravity bong (or waterfall) is a smoking apparatus that can be easily made with household objects. One of the most widely used versions is one where the user melts a socket wrench piece into the cap of water bottle and burns a hole at the bottom of the bottle, allowing the water inside to flow out, and the smoke to flow in. Weed is packed into the socket piece, and the hole at the bottom of the bottle is plugged. Water is then put into the bottle until it fills up. After, the weed is ignited while letting go of the hole at the bottom. When all the water is gone, simply unscrew the cap and inhale the smoke.
Guy #1: Dude, what should we smoke out of? I forgot my piece.

Guy#2: Let's just make a reverse gravity bong in your garage.
by C4NNIBAL October 17, 2011
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