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reverse thirst is most prevalent when women purposefully boast how sought after they are by posting pictures showcasing their physical assets or saying something to incite male attention and react as if they were unjustly objectified by all the single men they add to their friends list only to continuously validate their own self worth. These women are the first to use the term "thirsty" to describe male responses from less desirable suitors, but appear flattered when their ideal mates show favor in the same way.
Sasha got that #reversethirst going, made a post saying how she has no real friends and no one to help her and had a hundred thirsty homies trying to chill in an hour. She will call the one she was hoping to catch back and save the other dudes for another rainy day. Going ghost.

Shelley be making posts about how she has too many friends and needs people to remove her, forgetting she added all those dudes in one of her attention dry spells last week. Her reverse thirst game on point.

Tammy gonna go and post pics of her tits and wonder why none of the brothers be complimenting her on her neckline. reverse thirst gonna give that girl some sprite.
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by kinkykarnival July 04, 2016
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