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The Reverse Facebook Block (RFBB) is when a FB friend, at your request, blocks you.

The RFBB is the ICBM of online disassociation options; more severe than the HIDE, the traditional BLOCK, and the frequently used UNFRIEND features. The Achilles Heel of the traditional block is that you, as the blocker, are at liberty to unblock the former friend in question at your discretion. The RFBB solves this problem by putting the tempting unblock ability firmly in the ex-friend's hands.

Since its introduction in 2013 by the Smooth Reentry blog, use of the RFBB technique has increased dramatically. Experts are unsure if increased utilization is due to its effectiveness at disassociation, or because it falsely legitimizes contact from Stage 5 Clingersone last time. Again.
Jill: I cry every time I see a picture of David on FB.

June: I thought you unfriended him.

Jill: I did, but I always unblock him when I've been drinking.

June: Girl! Quit cyberstalking and Reverse Facebook Block that boy!
by Smooth Reentry March 07, 2013
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