The kid wasn't good at jump shots.
"Jump Shot are his Achilles Heel"
by the mess May 15, 2004
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noun; a weakness in someone or something that is strong overall (the weakness is often, but not always, seemingly small but crucial, leading to misfortunate events)
The Brazilian soccer team's defense was its Achilles' heel in World Cup 1998. Despite having strong forwards, the team was ultimately scored upon three times by France.
by Nathan June 18, 2006
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A point of vulnerability.
The warrior Achilles was totally protected by his armor, except for a small spot by the back of his foot where an arrow went through.

A weakness for chocolate cake was the dieter's Achilles heel.
by Chloethecat June 28, 2012
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He wondered why the bubbly girl that sent in the Trojan Horse with the Trojan shield would also be looking for his Achilles Heel. Achilles didn't fight on the side of Troy, he fought against Troy. Perhaps she thought nobody else could figure out just how many sides she had been playing all her life. Was it actually the people the media called criminals that were the suspicious ones, or was she the suspicious one?
by The Original Agahnim June 8, 2021
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In greek Legend Achilles was a famous and brave warrior who fought at The Battle of Troy, He was ultimately killed by an arrow to the heel. When Achilles was young his goddess mother dipped him in the River Styx which made him almost immortal, he was held the heel and hence that part of his body didn't touch the river. Hence his heel was his weakest part and ultimately caused his downfall. This is an idiom used to describe a hidden weakness or fault in somebody which may be used to harm them.
English Teacher: Hamlet's tragic flaw or Achilles Heel was procrastination.
by lady a la gaga February 6, 2022
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