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(v) A specific condition that takes place during the practiced art of creeping in which a party leads another party into actively creeping on the first party for the first party's social, financial or sexual gain. Usually reverse creeps' schemes are carefully thought out, to the point of obsession, to maximize the creep factor, and more times than not, the creep factor ends up overriding the master scheme after the true nature of the reverse creeper is reviled. Most often manifests in lonely, nerdy, slightly good looking young males, but has been known to also occur in the corresponding females in rare cases.
Boy: How's that dude you were creeping on?

Girl: It's weird. He said yesterday that he was planning our first date for a long time, but we only officially met a week ago.

Boy: He was totally reverse creeping on you!
by AttilatheNun January 09, 2011
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When you are being a creeper on someone in a certain situation and infact the person or persons you creepin' on, are creeping on you.
I was looking out my window and creeping on some eldery folks when I realized they were reverse creeping on me!
by J-trav05 September 17, 2008
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