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In the world of scambaiting and the Nigerian 419 scammer who uses the "refugee camp love bait" scenario, this often refers to the leader of their mythical camp. They ask you to call reverend father to ask to speak to them, and also say to send money as the recipient being the reverend father.

It is often common courtesy to make accusations of the reverend father being a pedophile, molesting the scammer, or some other absurd creative scenario to throw at them.
"My Sweet Heart tomorrow morning Reverend Father will go to western union and get the money
Darling please remember to keep anything which am during with you secret to people because am afraid of peoples,"
(copy and pasted from an actual scam email.)
by richardhead78 December 11, 2010
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In the Catholic Church, you are supposed to call the Priest "Father" even though he most certainly is NOT a father since he is required to be celibate.
Do you have any NATURAL children, Reverend Father?

Of course not! Why would you wonder that?
by Noel Manson January 16, 2007
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