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1) of or pertaining to the movement which encompasses many humanitarian, philanthropical, metaphysical and socio-spiritual-political philosophies and practices which aim to enlighten the individuals perceptions to alternative perceptions and views in order to instill an instinctive moral code stemming only from positive notions relating to fellow life forces thereby relinquishing the requirement for any negative driving forces such as those stemming from or relating to impractical fears, jealousy or hatred, by achieving a state whereby the false self or the ego has been dissipated and leading to the eventual ultimate realisation of a global consciousness or an overall connected one-ness, where fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness are a constant
2) of or pertaining to the ideal that embodies the mysterious dimensions of origin relating to such studies as music, psychology, philosophy, fashion & culture, the arts, physics, astrology and other social sciences and the humanities, which describes the ultimate essence or source of inspiration for such theories, creations and divinations in those subject areas and relating to the concept of an ever-present global consciousness; relating to the notion that all creations, ideas and divinations already exist in the realm of the unconscious and are only ever truly recognised as discoveries, as all creation otentially exists in the infinite realm of eternity and is only awaiting to be manifested into our reality
- use of noun

' Retra is the future...'

' Retra is not a religion, it's a way of life, you can choose to believe what you like, but I'd rather believe in something that is going to create and spread positivity, rather than something that breeds fear and hatred... My belief is not in a religion, but in Retra. '

- use of adjective

' I had a well Retra moment the other day, I was thinking about my favourite song and then it came on the radio! '
by 11:11 phenomenon February 20, 2010
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