A magical and revolutionary display only found on the iPhone 4. The magic stems from the fact that not only is this display high res but its "Retina" too, meaning high res, in addition to already being high res. This means that the display is double high res!

So even if it does have mediocre contrast (800:1), poor gamut, and inferior viewing angles, you know its high quality. And because your eyes can't even see the pixels you wouldn't even know how washed out it looks!
Steve: "Once you use a Retina Display you can't go back"
Steve: "Were serious thats a rule, its in the ToS"
Steve: "You'll wake up dead if you try, and all your Apps won't work"
by theSakMaster June 23, 2010
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The display on 4th generation iPod touch/iPhones and iPhone 4s. It is 960x840 pixels, squished into a 3.5 inch display.
Genius bar rep: The iPhone 4 has hd retina display, it makes porn better looking, and you'll look better then others.

Me: Will it fit in a manilla envelope?

Genius bar rep: Yes.

*Crowd goes ape shit*

by bootybuttcheecks January 18, 2012
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Apple's latest Macbook Pro that is "revolutionary." It's newest features include the crisp Retina Display that beholds a resolution of 2880 x 1880, a quad core processor standard in every model, and a standard of 8 GB of RAM. Great for the power user and not worth it for people who want to look at cat photos and their pr0nz.
1. Person 1 "I just bought my new Macbook Pro with Retina Display so I can edit faster with Final Cut Pro x, Aperture, and Logic."
Person 2 "Nice."
2. Person 3 "I love looking at pr0nz and cat photos, so I bought a $2000 computer with a "quad core cpu and 8 gb ram" lol, like whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Anyways, I hear it has a nice display"
Person 4 "You could do that with the regular Macbook Pro just as fine cause you wouldn't notice the screen difference being such a noob, and that's only $1200"
Person 3 "ur just j3l0us"
by Mjtmastercp August 31, 2012
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