A well defined human being. Probably of high intelligence.
"He was pretty high res for someone from that far north"
by barry Smith May 1, 2006
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When you get high with one group of friends, then after they have time to come down, you go get high with another group of friends.
"Man, are you high anymore?" "Cuz i'm not."
"Naw, i'm re-high."
by gaby March 26, 2005
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When you smoke a bowl the day after you were really high, and get higher than you should off that one bowl.
"How are you so high off of one bowl?"
"It's a re-high off of last night's five bongs."
by Paulbong April 3, 2007
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A typical bitch who decides it's her duty to post pictures on her snapchat that are just standing in front of a mirror.
These people usually have some variant of the iPhone X, and thinks they are doing people favors by pointing it out.
Thinks people really care about her, but finding her post on your feed is like finding dog shit going Easter-Egg hunting.

Will probably someday end up being some kind of cum bucket.
bro 1: yo bro i heard timmy is dating that girl tiffany
bro 2: out of all girls he chose tiffany? not her, she's a high-res hoe.
by andrew2240e November 26, 2019
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