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Weight: over 200 lbs (90 kg)

Hight: 6"0' (1,80m) or taller

Its face looks like its ass

Lives in urban Copenhagen, sometimes spotted in Sweden,
Germany and Calgary. In other words, they are spreading across the globe...

Mates with sheep and dogs

Eats anything

Loves to "find" bikes

Mating ritual involves getting drunk and screaming profanities

The sex appeal of the male Retardosaurus is very low, hence it seldomly finds a spouse and is therefor a endangered species

If spotted DO NOT APPROACH IF YOU WEAR SHORT SKIRTS, carries a variety of diseases
Jonny: "Oh maaaan that girl I hooked up with yesterday was so hot!"
Oliver: "Dude, she looked like a sheep!"
Jonny:"Ye so she's hot!"
Miguel:"You could just as well tried a dog man..."
Jonny:"I do love dogs..."
Oliver:"Why does your face look like your ass anyways?"
Jonny:"I can't help that, don't make fun of me :-("
Oliver & Miguel:"Stupid Retardosaurus Rex..."
by Bigger & Fanker October 28, 2008
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