Sleep undisturbed/rest undisturbed.
On the funeral of the dead Soldier, his CO stood before the coffin and said: "Rest Easy, soldier." as a last salute.
You'll be in the hospital for a while. Rest easy, soldier.
by SirFractional April 27, 2016
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It means to have a good sleep or to get better.

Also, it means Rest in Peace or R.I.P.
Dave: Bro, I ain't feeling good no more. I think I'm sick.

Johnny: Okay man...I feel ya. You don't have to come out with the boys.

Dave: Thanks brother!
Johnny: Rest easy, son

(At a funeral)

Andre: Rest Easy Homie

(Pours out liquor on the ground)
by Ybn Saturday September 30, 2021
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