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A short period of rest or relief from people demanding respect and passive aggressive punks boarding themselves up with self help books. If respect has become about bullying (online and off) and self help has become about victim hood. A person looking for Respicte wants a place that is their own. From the words respect and respite.
Joe: Man you don't know how to RESPECT ME BRO. Carry: Both of you are infringing on my boundaries. George you come off cold and drink too much and your cologne gives me a headache. I have a self help book for you.
George: I drink 20 oz a day it keeps the doctor away. I need respicte from the two of you. Why don't you both get married and bang out some kids. See the two of you in divorce court in ten years if you don't kill each other. I WANT RESPICTE.
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by HearMyName July 15, 2018
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