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A legitamate SOB, who drains all of the potential hilarity, romance, deepness, etc. out of a line, or joke by informing everyone around, the phrase that was stated was stolen from such-and-such movie, show, commercial, etc.

an inconsiderate that kills the mood by leaking the reference point of something someone has said
dude 1: Hey! My TOMS finally came in!!
Dude 2: ALGEBRAIC!!!!
Dude 3: You got that from adventure time!
Dude 2: wow, way to be a resource douche.

Chick: Asdgdhdhf!!!! I need more lipstick!!
dude: you're amazing, just the way you are.
Chick: That's a line from a Bruno Mars song!!
dude: thanks for killing the moment, you resource douche.
by Stev McWavy November 02, 2010
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